Success never comes overnight... It is a result of a mindset to Dream... And to Achieve... And to strive forward continuously with belief.

Welcome to Avid Miner - Human-Centric Workshops!

All people in your organisation are walking their own paths. They are here basis some credentials or as a match to their key job responsibilities.

The inception of any change at your workplace also brings the following three kinds of mindsets -

  • On ground realities that impact them
  • Individual plans - survival, meeting expectations, and growth
  • Opportunities to leave a mark

Despite the unfavourable, how would it be if everyone is committed to causing Victories! The challenges of life do not daunt their spirit - but instead uplift them to set bigger goals!

Ashish Vidyarthi curates and leads our Human-centric workshops to allow organisations to nurture their connections with their teams - stakeholders - leadership at every crucial juncture. These workshops are designed as a deep dive act of engagements established with long-term plans as compared to the one-time talk that infuses the message momentarily.

Our co-facilitators work in cohesion with Mr.Vidyarthi to curate bespoke interventions that act as reinforcement strategies to reinforce the identified subject. Optimum use of different mechanisms, tools, role-plays, exercises, or activities change to give a meaningful support structure to the workshop.

With a detailing that transforms the mindset and enables the human to emerge as victor, Avid Miner's human-centric workshops are waiting to craft your purpose with our experts and the man himself, whose life journey is an example of "up-skilling through workshops."

Being agile is not a strategy anymore.

It is the need of the hour to survive and thrive.

And all this can happen when the human ingenuity is set free...

Human-Centered Design is the new conversation in Organizations

about Humans being in the front and centre of any intervention design...


Human Centric Design

Human-centric design is the core of our Workshops. It is about continuously crafting the self, moving forward and responding to changing customer ideals, expectations, needs, and wants. Moving forward, to truly thrive as an organisation, one needs to continuously find ways to catalyse forward movement and change.

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Project Wellbeing


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The Flow Conversation


Project Wellbeing


Leadership Focus


Partnering to Succeed


The Flow Conversation


Sales Communications


First Time Managers

All our Workshops are bespoke creations. Do reach out to us using the form below.

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